keeping the system moving

ISL's Wastewater team specializes in solving complex wastewater management problems for municipalities using leading edge software and our integrated team's combined experience. Taking conceptual designs, our team creates preliminary and detailed designs of your wastewater and sanitary trunk sewers. With this information, we can recommend appropriate upgrading measures for aging infrastructure and where to retrofit your wastewater management facilities for the most cost-effective solution. We provide commissioning and construction management, and we work with vendors to supply the latest technologies in advanced, high-rate treatment systems to meet ever-increasing water quality regulations.

  • Wastewater Service Areas +

    • Modelling
    • Collection
    • Pumping
    • Treatment
    • 3D Operations and Maintenance Information System
    • Process Waste Treatment and Handling
    • Equalization Storage
    • Master Plans
    • Infrastructure Rehabilitation
    • Engineering Drawing Review
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