St. Albert Pump Station

St. Albert, AB

In 2008, the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) engaged ISL to design a solution for upgrading the existing St. Albert pump station facility, which was comprised of two interconnected and aging pump stations.

Meeting Capacity

One of the challenges ISL faced was that the combined pumping capacity of the existing facility did not meet the service levels that ACRWC currently required. Due to the condition of the existing facility, ISL recommended the construction of a new pump station that would not only meet the current needs but also be upgradable to reach the future capacity.

High Pressure Pumps

After an extensive hydraulic assessment, ISL determined that three dry-mount, submersible 730 horsepower pumps were needed, with room for two future pumps. A combination of soft starters and flow control valves were used to cushion the transfer between stop and running states, ensuring the pumps were not stressed when pumping against closed or near-closed valves.

Unique Design

With the support of Manasc Isaac Architects, the building was designed with an innovative 21 metre circular footprint atop a 17-metre deep sunken caisson. This design was put forth due to poor sub-soil conditions and a high groundwater table that precluded a conventional open cut excavation.

High Visibility

Located in a residential neighbourhood, extensive public and stakeholder consultation was conducted, as well as the creation of a 3D fly-through video. The generator building was designed to minimize noise levels for the ultimate 1mW facility. An ultraviolet odour control facility was incorporated into the design as three forcemains discharge at the site.

Open for Business

The pump station design was completed in June 2010 and was tendered in August 2010. THe pump station was officially opened in June 2014.

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