Nakoda Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Morley, AB

ISL was engaged by the Stoney Nakoda Tribal Administration to conduct a performance review and operational assessment of the Nakoda Entertainment Resort's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Operational Concerns

Some of the operational concerns were plugged drum screen blinds, insufficient air scour of the membrane and membrane cassettes, surging permeate pumping systems and a less-than-expected lifespan of the membranes.


The operational assessment included a full evaluation of the headworks, wastewater tankage, membrane bioreactor, permeate flow, composite samplers, chemical containment and human-machine interface. A visual inspection of the membrane bioreactor tank showed that the aeration system was not functioning as optimally as intended.

Secondary Train

In the short term, we recommended introducing a second process train to provide redundancy so that, while maintenance was being conducted on one train, the flow can be treated through the second process train.


An extensive list of upgrades was provided to the client, along with a cost-versus-benefit analysis to help the client schedule priority repairs and upgrades.

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