Hardisty Lift Station Upgrade

Hinton, AB

The mechanical equipment within the Hardisty Lift Station was plagued with ongoing operational issues, which required regular dismantling to remove material from the pumps. These issues, coupled with the age of the station and restricted access to the mechanical equipment at the bottom of the dry well, prompted the need to upgrade of the station.

Project Work

In collaboration with the Town’s Engineering and Operational teams, ISL reviewed operational data and updated the projected flows through the station from those originally stated within the Wastewater Master Plan. With an established and validated future station capacity, ISL developed a preliminary design from which a detailed design, cost estimate and tender documents were produced.

Coordinating Operations

One of the challenges faced by both the Town and ISL was coordinating operations between the existing lift station and the constructed station. A delicate balance was maintained to ensure the aging lift station continued to operate until the new lift station was online. During commissioning the operation of both stations was closely coordinated such that overloading of the collection system did not occur.

Finding a Location

Construction of the new lift station was challenging due to poor ground conditions (high degree of pit run) and limited space. As part of the design phase a slope study was also undertaken to fine tune the final location for the new structure.

Project Completion

The lift station was tendered and awarded in mid-2014, with construction completed and the new station online in October 2015.

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