Quarters Downtown Streetscape Phase 1

Edmonton, AB

The Quarters is a 40-hectare, four block area in downtown Edmonton that is being redeveloped as a vibrant, mixed use neighbourhood with a unique linear park system running through it. The City of Edmonton is investing in Phase 1 of this neighbourhood redevelopment to spur future private investment in the area.


Several innovative and sustainable solutions were proposed including Low Impact Development (LID) measures to address stormwater quality/quantity, reuse of stormwater runoff for irrigation and district heating. Sustainable stormwater management techniques included routing a significant portion of runoff through a biofiltration system that will also provide a rooting medium and irrigation for street trees.

Multidisciplinary Scope

Leading the project, ISL’s services include project management, design and construction administration of the roadway, stormwater management (LID stormwater systems) and public realm components; along with public consultation and 3D visualization as part of public involvement processes.

Tight Schedule

The full design and tendering of the four block streetscape had to be completed on a tight 12 month timeline. Design review workshops enabled timely feedback from the relevant city departments.

Coordinating with Adjacent Projects

To coordinate with the adjacent Landmark Hotel project and planned southeast LRT extension, regular meetings were held with all three design teams. Teams shared design information and scheduling.

Utility Coordination

Significant utility coordination was necessary to ensure the public realm improvements could be constructed on time. Regular meetings with utility providers offered a coordinated approach to utility alignments.

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