Murray Street and Guildford Way Bike Facilities

Port Moody, BC

ISL was retained to provide detailed design, tender documents, contract administration and construction review services for new bike facilities on Murray Street and Guildford Way. The 1.8 km long route is a key east-west bike connector through the City.

New Bike Facilities

The bike facilities consist of an on-street designated bike lane on the south side of the roadway and a two-way, multi-use pathway on the north side. ISL ensured smooth transitions from the on-street to off-street pathways.

Project Schedule

To avoid winter weather, the detailed design, tendering and construction work had to be completed within a tight six month timeline. ISL established a fast-track design and review schedule with project stakeholders and closely monitored the contractor to ensure the scheduled as adhered to.

Minimizing Environmental Impacts

An environmental assessment and arborist review of the project corridor were conducted and pathways were realigned to minimize environmental impacts.

Minimizing Utility Conflict

ISL coordinated with the City’s staff and relevant utility agencies in an early project stage to determine potential impacts and minimizing any utility conflict and/or disturbance related to the presence of above ground utilities along the off-street pathway.

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