Glenmore Causeway Upgrades

Calgary, AB

Glenmore Trail is the primary east-west expressway through the City of Calgary, and the segment across the Glenmore Reservoir is also part of the north-south Crowchilld Trail/14 Street expressway route.

Busy Crossing

As the only crossing of the Elbow River south of the downtown core and the main link in the City's southwest bypass route, the Glenmore Causeway is one of the most important road segments in the City's transportation network. Before construction, it carried over 140,000 vehicles per day, and the project is designed to accommodate growth to 200,000 vehicles per day by 2023. A new bridge to accommodate traffic from northbound 14 Street merging onto westbound Glenmore Trail was constructed on the north side of the Glenmore Causeway.

Flood Management

This project was a cooperative project between ISL's Transportation and Water Resources groups and included upgrading the causeway to meet current flood management requirements for the Glenmore Reservoir.

Staying Open

The causeway's strategic importance in the regional transportation network resulted in the need for comprehensive planning of construction staging and detours. The bridge reconstruction was planned to ensure that all existing lanes were physically maintained for the duration of construction, and temporary lane closures were restricted to nighttime periods in the project specifications.

Award Winner

This project won three Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards in 2009: an Award of Excellence for Transportation Infrastructure, an Award of Merit for Water Resources and Energy Production and an Award of Merit for Project Management.

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