Pinetree Way Enhancements

Coquitlam, BC

The City of Coquitlam constructed three new Skytrain stations (opened in late 2016), which spurred on the revitalization of 1.2 km along the City's main street - Pinetree Way.

Creating a Hub

The new transit stations have brought new mixed-use developments, and the revitalized streetscape has transformed the neighbourhood into a vibrant commercial, residential and cultural hub by providing a pedestrian-friendly destination. Five new plazas provide pedestrians with a "refuge" from the hustle and bustle of the urban neighbourhood.

Light Columns

Public art is a big part of placemaking and Pinetree Way features unique light columns that are designed to shimmer like the Northern Lights. These create iconic arrival statements and can be preprogrammed.

The Stream

Another unique feature of this streetscape is an in-sidewalk "stream" made from crushed glass with an epoxy coating. This element creates a reflective surface that reflects light at night, creating water ripple patterns on the bottom of the Skytrain platform.

Pedestrians First

To improve pedestrian safety in the area, traffic calming measures were implemented, such as curb bulges, on-street parking, signal coordination and rumble strips. There is also a 4 metre wide multi-use path to accommodate future high volumes of pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

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