Hazelgrove Park

Surrey, BC

Hazelgrove Park is East Clayton's largest park, providing much needed public outdoor space for sports, community gatherings and passive recreation.

Park Features

The 4.2 hectare park includes a soccer field, running track, multi-use sports court, tennis courts, playground, spray park and a washroom building. Uniquely, there is also a parkour course. A multi-use lawn allows for large community gatherings and walking trails meander throughout the site.

Site History

The name Hazelgrove Park references the site's agricultural background as a hazelnut tree orchard.

Stormwater Management

The park demonstrates environmental sustainability with its low-flow washroom facilities, a water efficient spray park, a water efficient irrigation system and drought tolerant planting. A bioswale was also introduced to capture wastewater from the spray park and stormwater runoff from the surrounding hard surfaces. Here it is detained, dechlorinated and bioremediated as it flows through reed beds before percolating down to recharge the groundwater table.

Water Reservoir

The park is located next to a visually imposing water reservoir structure. Instead of ignoring its presence, vegetation screens were used to disguise the reservoir while an exposed section of wall serves as a projection screen for community movie events.

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