Blakeburn Lagoons Park

Port Coquitlam, BC

The Blakeburn Lagoons Park project converted a derelict and contaminated former sanitary detention facility into an ecologically restored public park.

Constructed Wetland

The two existing lagoons were converted into a constructed wetland. Constructed wetlands are engineered systems that use natural functions of vegetation, soil and organisms to improve waste and stormwater quality.

Project Goals

The primary project goals were to improve site hydrology, enhance site ecology and introduce public park amenities.

Project Scope

Municipal stormwater was directed to the wetland to maintain year-round water levels and mitigate existing flooding in the neighbourhood; diverse wildlife habitats were introduced; invasive vegetation was removed and replaced with native plants; and public amenities including walking trails, boardwalks, viewing platforms, wildlife hides, site furnishings and interpretive signage were added.


This project included management of site contaminants, conservation and enhancement of the ecosystem and introduction of community open space and public amenities.

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