105 (Columbia) Avenue Streetscape

Edmonton, AB

The 105 (Columbia) Avenue Streetscape project will transform the north edge of downtown Edmonton between 109 and 119 Street into a mixed use community that is expected to accommodate an additional 7,000 people.

Back to its Roots

The design restores the street’s pre-1913 historical name: Columbia Avenue. The name change recognizes the industrial and rail industry historical past of the area and was used as the foundation for the design themes and materials chosen for this project. This space aspires to engage the City through historically-based contemporary design expressions that are immediately identifiable as being “about Edmonton”.

Walkable Landscape Design

Columbia Avenue was identified as a pedestrian priority by the City. The vision for this streetscape is based on a world-class transformative, walkable landscape design. It prioritizes the use of non-vehicular modes of transportation by running pedestrian-friendly sidewalks throughout the site and through all commercial accesses.

Integrating Park Space

A central urban park space will occupy a newly-closed section of Columbia Avenue and will be a vehicle-free linkage for pedestrians and cyclists as well as an adaptable outdoor space of multiple uses including private nooks, small gathering spaces, patios and locations for street vendors.

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