Green Necklace Greenway

North Vancouver, BC

The Green Necklace Greenway is a 7 km long urban greenway that surrounds the City of North Vancouver’s Central Lonsdale Town Centre. When completed in 2018, it will link components of the City’s recreational and open space assets by means of a safe, alternative transportation system.

Grand Boulevard and East Keith Road

Completed detailed design, tender administration and construction review services for a 2.2 km section of the Green Necklace Greenway. This section includes a new multi-use pathway, on-street bike lanes, full road widening, regrading and five intersection reconfigurations along East Keith Road Corridor and separated off-street bike and pedestrian paths along the Grand Boulevard Corridor linear park. New street lights, site furnishings, street trees and planting beds have also been introduced.

21 and 23 Streets

Delivering stakeholder and community engagement, design, tendering and construction review services for a 2.3 km section of the Green Necklace, along 21 and 23 Streets. The route passes through residential, parkland, commercial and institutional areas. It is expected that Phase 1 of the project will be completed in 2017 and Phase 2 is scheduled for completion in 2018. Proposed site works include a new multi-use pathway, roadway reconfiguration and enhanced crosswalks, as well as new street lights, site furnishings, street trees and planting beds.

Active Transportation

To address vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian safety issues, ISL is introducing a fully integrated multi-modal streetscape design.

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