ISL Engineering and Land Services is an award-winning full-service consulting firm dedicated to working with all levels of government and the private sector to deliver planning and design solutions for transportation, water and land projects. Our commitment to client success is built on a strong foundation: we know the communities we serve. This local knowledge, combined with our range of expertise and depth of experience, helps us meet the unique challenges of every project and better understand the role of sustainable solutions in all phases of our project's life cycle. Become a part of our team!

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Culture and Values

At ISL, we share. We share knowledge, we share experience and we share expertise. Our integrated disciplines work together to maximize the results of every project. ISL provides its teams with the tools and resources to share information. and knowledge effectively and easily. We believe in collaboration and work with all stakeholders to deliver innovative projects that meet, and often surpass, client objectives and expectations.

ISL is not what you might expect from an engineering company. Our energy, enthusiasm and team spirit is reflected in our work. We strive to leave a positive legacy on Earth by inspiring sustainable thinking. Through our project work and our community volunteering, we affect positive change in the communities that we serve. We want to make these communities great places to live and play.

We embrace personal development as individuals and professionals, and we are committed to growing talent and innovation. We provide hands-on training opportunities and development seminars. We emphasize generational sharing of expertise through mentoring programs, and we encourage cross-disciplinary interaction to broaden our employees horizons. At ISL, you will be respected for your knowledge, experience and creativity.

Diversity Commitment

At ISL, we appreciate the difference that define each one of us. The talents and abilities of our diverse workforce amplify our ability to innovate and to make our clients successful. The combined efforts of employees with unique perspectives create results that exceed what any one of us could do individually.

Our employee-led Employment Equity Committee is committed to supporting the ISL Employment Equity Program, seeking input and ideas, making recommendations and conducting periodic reviews to support our diverse workforce. ISL supports diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.

Community Involvement

We are fortunate to have a great place to work, and in return, we love to give back to our communities as part of our commitment to sustainability. How would you like to be involved? Here is just a sample of the community fundraising and volunteer activites that ISL is involved in:

Sustainability at ISL

Our journey towards sustainability began from a sense of responsibility — as a company, as individuals and as professionals — to limit our impact on the planet and the communities we work in. We apply the sustainability framework and definition as described by The Natural Step and our four sustainability principles are adapted from the natural system conditions they describe.

We understand that sustainability is not achieved quickly and then completed, but it is a journey we are committed to take and share with our staff, clients and suppliers. ISL's journey is guided by our 2020 strategic sustainability goals and four sustainability principles.

We believe sustainability does not come at the expense of budget, time or resources on any project but should be considered a lens through which we look at all phases of any project or process. We evaluate our progress against our core themes and key performance indicators, helping us deliver sustainable and triple bottom line solutions in each of our service lines and across office operations.

Four Sustainability Principles   Corporate Sustainability

Career Path

At ISL, you'll shape your own career path. A good portion of this learning occurs on the job, helped along by mentoring and internal coaching as well as professional development courses and training. Our managers want our employees to grow and succeed. At ISL, you can develop to your full capability by learning from the best!

We will support you as you discover opportunities within your role, with daily access to all levels of management by simply walking down the hall. You will get exposure to multiple disciplines and work on multidisciplinary projects and teams. Even if you are looking to pursue a specialty or niche area with a specific skill set, you can pursue the work you love at ISL.

You don't have to wait to get your career started — it starts the day you walk through the door. You will begin working and exploring new and challenging experiences right away!

Health and Lifestyle

Work and play as a team! Enjoy social events, join company sports groups or simply relax together. Some extracurricular activities enjoyed by ISL team members include:


We value you for your contributions and want to ensure that your personal success is intertwined with your professional success. That's why our benefits package is competitive and offers you some of the best available tools to maximize your career and lifestyle. Best of all you get to work in a fun, relaxed and professional environment. ISL lives by the rule that family comes first — when you are satisfied in your personal life, you will be a better performer at work.

And on top of all this, we also offer:

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