ISL Founders Receive CEA Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service

ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) founder Roman Wozniak, P.Eng. and his successor Gary Mack, P.Eng. won the prestigious Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service. The duo was honored at the CEA Showcase Awards ceremony held in Edmonton on February 5, 2015.

The CEA Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service celebrates the notable achievements of engineers and recognizes their unique contribution to our community and society at large.

The Legacy of Wozniak and Mack

Wozniak and Mack have both contributed heavily to the consulting engineering industry in Alberta, being involved in many massive projects all over the province during their time with ISL.

Roman started a company to do what we all love to do – work with clients to design innovative infrastructure that serves its community,” says Rodney Peacock, current President and CEO of ISL Engineering and Land Services. “Gary continued on that philosophy and built the company I am so proud to be a part of today.

Wozniak’s greatest contribution was the work he did for the transportation and utility corridors that are now being built around Edmonton and Calgary, the Anthony Henday Drive and Stoney Trail respectively. It took over 30 years for construction to finally commence, but Wozniak was pivotal in laying the groundwork for these indispensable networks, showing immense foresight and preplanning abilities.

Roman was more of a visionary, Gary was more of the determined type,” says Roy Biller, Manager of Highway Design and Construction with ISL. “If Roman would dream it up, Gary would make sure that it got done.

Mack’s most notable projects were the 23 Avenue/Gateway Boulevard Interchange and the Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton, and the Parsons Road Interchange along Highway 63 in Fort McMurray. Each of these projects were very complex and required more than just engineering knowledge because of their politically charged nature, which Mack always navigated with aplomb.

So when you hear that a guy like Gary Mack, it’s kind of like Gandalf,” says Byron Nicholson, M.Eng., P.Eng., Director of Special Projects and Construction Services for the City of Edmonton. “He’s the wise wizard, and if you get him leading your project, as an owner you know a lot of those problems are going to go away.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Wozniak and Mack have left behind an amazing legacy and a company built on a philosophy of hard work that they both embodied. Now with over 375 employees specializing in 10 professional disciplines in 12 offices across Western Canada, ISL has a sterling reputation for its commitment to solid project management and team success.

These two remarkable individuals have made a long-lasting contribution to engineering excellence in Alberta with their dedication and commitment to innovation and quality engineering,” said Matt Brassard, P.Eng, President of CEA, at the awards gala. “They are an inspiration to all of us.

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