ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) wins Two Deputy Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Awards (2009)

Highway 16 and Domano Intersection Improvements

Highway 99 Whistler Improvements


Highway 99/Whistler Improvements

Presentation comments:

· This project included 12 km of widening to accommodate paved shoulders and truck off-tracking, improvements to re-grade 0.5 km of highway at Nordic Hill, several bus bays, and an additional lane through Function Junction.

· It also included the incorporation of BC Hydro duck bank works and signal and lighting modifications at 3 intersections.

· Without a doubt ISL's experience with their involvement in the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project, was extremely valuable, particularly when it came to dealing with stakeholders.

· The sheer number of stakeholders and the high visibility of this project provided a considerable challenge.

· Throughout the project ISL's pro-active communications were effective and timely, and they dealt with any issues that arose quickly and efficiently.

· They took ownership of this project immediately and started looking at ways to improve its construction.

· As a result of their efforts, not only were they able to reduce construction costs, but they were also able to limit environmental impacts by using a horizontal alignment that followed the existing pavement width. That minimized rock cuts, avoided impacts to environmentally sensitive areas and confined widening to one side of the highway.


Highway 16 and Domano Intersection Improvements project

Presentation comments:

· ISL Engineering facilitated the Value Analysis study of the Highway 16 and Domano/Tyner Blvd Intersection. They took the initiative to analyze accident data, which was obtained through the ICBC accident system, and identify specific accident types and locations within the intersection. Their detailed research was a valuable asset as they moved forward with the Value Analysis process.

· The team that ISL brought together to conduct the Value Analysis was top caliber and comprised of experts from external sources as well as ministry staff that were relatively new to the process.

· The Value Analysis team provided first rate recommendations, and the process was conducted in a professional and timely manner.