North LRT Extension: Storm Drainage

Edmonton, AB

ISL partnered with AECOM and Stantec as part of the design team tasked with building a 3.1km northwest-bound Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension from Churchill Station in downtown Edmonton to new LRT stations at MacEwan University, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and NAIT.

Project Design

The first three phases of the project design included Concept Planning, Preliminary Engineering and Detailed Design. ISL was responsible for leading the roadways, storm drainage and landscape architecture components of this massive project.

Drainage Scope

In terms of drainage, ISL provided the design of minor drainage system improvements, major drainage system and stormwater management facilities built to accommodate a 1:100 year rainfall event, track drainage alternatives and a portal drainage capture-and-conveyance system at the opening of the LRT tunnel.

Double Barrel Conflict

One of the most complex challenges came when trying to resolve the conflict of an existing double-barrel sewer pipe with the proposed LRT tunnel turning northward of downtown. This large sewer pipe was a major component of the downtown sewer system that serviced both sanitary/combined and storm flows. This conflict was ultimately resolved prior to tunnel construction.

LRT Improvements

When opened, the new LRT extension will improve accessibility for thousands of citizens, students, professionals and visitors to key centres of commerce, education, public health and entertainment.

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