Blatchford Area Redevelopment Master Plan

Edmonton, AB

The City of Edmonton is seeking to transform the former municipal airport lands north of downtown into a world-class sustainable, transit-oriented and mixed-use development for 30,000 residents. Perkins + Will led the initial planning work for the 217-hectare redevelopment and retained ISL for civil works and land use planning.

Area Redevelopment Master Plan

ISL prepared the Area Redevelopment Master Plan (ARMP) for sewer and drainage services, including a Hydraulic Network Analysis for potable water services. The ARMP responds to the City's goals for zero discharge (both sanitary and storm), groundwater recharge, stormwater reuse and stormwater Low Impact Development and Best Management Practices for water treatment.

Stormwater Wetland

This ambitious plan envisions a six hectare stormwater wetland system for treating water on site for reuse in irrigation. This proposed wetland would store and treat stormwater volumes during typical rainfall years, while a piped outfall would handle larger volumes of stormwater during wet years. This whole system would tie into infrastructure for stormwater reuse in landscape irrigation.

Wastewater Treatment

The Master Plan also introduced the possibility of an onsite wastewater treatment facility to treat a portion of the wastewater generated by the development. A separated pipe system would allow for wastewater reuse in toilet flushing, for example.

Award Winner

The project design submitted by Perkins + Will won a 2014 National Urban Design Award from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) as well as a 2014 GLOBE Award for Environmental Excellence in Urban Sustainability.

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