Westlock Raw Water Intake and Pump Station

Westlock, AB

The Town of Westlock and the surrounding communities form the Westlock Regional Water Services Commission (WRWSC), which uses the Westlock water supply infrastructure to provide the supply and treatment for the whole region. The WRWSC retained ISL to upgrade the existing raw water intake and pump station to meet increased demand.

Side Intake Structure

A new side-intake structure was constructed on the south bank of the Pembina River. The intake consists of a concrete "wall" constructed a short way into the river to access the strongest flow. The location of the intake "wall" is critical in order to have sufficient scour velocity along the way to keep the intake free from sediment accumulations.

Tarp System

An innovative tarp system was employed to avoid disturbing large amounts of sediment and causing damage to sensitive fish habitats. The tarps were supported by an interlinked steel frame to keep the waters at bay while a cofferdam was constructed and pumped out to create a suitable working space.

Fish Habitats

Before any work could commence, a rigorous process needed to be undertaken with numerous regulatory agencies to determine compensation measures for disturbing fish habitats. To provide a new permanent long-term fish habitat to replace what was impacted by construction, ISL built a carefully designed rock spur downstream of the intake facility that provides three times more aquatic life habitat than was impacted.

Part of the Whole

This raw water intake and pump station were just one part of the new WRWSC Regional Water System designed by ISL, which also includes raw water transmission mains, raw water storage, upgrades and expansion of the existing water treatment plant and treat water transmission to the Village of Clyde, the Hamlet of Vimy and other surrounding communities.

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