Drayton Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant

Drayton Valley, AB

The Town of Drayton Valley's Wastewater Treatment Plant had reached its designed capacity and the effluent no longer met the limits set by Alberta Environment.

Feasibility Report

In 2006, our team prepared a feasibility report that assessed the plant and recommended expanding the lagoon system and using UV for disinfection in lieu of chlorination/dechlorination.

'L'-shaped Cell

The existing polishing cell was undersized for the new facility and could not be expanded due to an unstable river bank. To address capacity issues within these site constraints, the partially aerated cell was shaped in a unique 'L' shape configuration and a baffle curtain was added to section off the first part of the new polishing cell within this cell.

Project Work

The resulting wastewater treatment upgrade in 2009 included de-sludging of the existing cells, the construction of a new complete mixed cell, a new fine bubble aeration system, a new partial mix aerated cell and expansion of the polishing cell.

UV Disinfection Facility

Following the recommendation made in the 2006 Feasibility Report, a UV disinfection facility replaced the chlorination facility in 2011.

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