David Avenue Upgrades

Coquitlam, BC

David Avenue is an important east-west link in the City of Coquitlam’s road network, linking Port Coquitlam to Port Moody. Significant upgrades were needed to address an increase in roadway traffic volumes and to improve safety for all users.

Road Improvements

Started in 2009, this capital project included the addition of a shared-use pathway, roadway improvements, street and pedestrian lighting, signal design for multiple intersections, pavement rehabilitation and replacement, streetscaping for bridges and boulevards, drainage improvements, and bridge assessment to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and landscaping. Construction began in 2012.

Stormwater Management

The steep gradient of the pathways and roadways led to drainage challenges, so curb inlets and check dams were used strategically to promote infiltration and to prevent the erosion of the drainage ditches. In addition, roadside bioswales were used to improve stormwater quality and to reduce the amount of storm sewers normally required for this type of road widening.

Energy Efficient Lights

The traffic signals use energy efficient LEDs for improved performance, longevity and lifecycle cost savings.

Pedestrian Safety

There were safety concerns due to mid-block pedestrian crossings and limited sigh distances on approaches from side roads. These issues were resolved with additional signal locations to improve stopping distances, and push-button overhead lighting was installed at all pedestrian crossings.

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