Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge

Golden, BC

Located in the heart of downtown Golden, BC, this 48 metre long bridge is framed of Douglas fir and white oak and is the longest timber frame clear span in Canada.

Wooden Heavyweight

The superstructure, weighing 95,255 kilograms, was preassembled adjacent to the river crossing site and placed instream using several heavy-lift cranes. The Burr Arch frame contains approximately 72,000 board feet of Douglas fir timber, and another 12,000 board feet were used in the flooring, railing, roof nailers and trim.

Volunteer Built

The project was organized by the Timber Framers Guild of North America and the Town of Golden's Economic Development Office and, uniquely, the bridge was built with the help of volunteer timber-framers from across North America and Europe, allowing it to be constructed for less than half the normal cost of such projects.


This project was awarded the Communities in Bloom Most Innovative Project for 2001.

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