At ISL, we take a strategic approach in our community engagement and communication programs for our clients’ projects. We manage the flow of project information (inputs and outputs) and proactively address any emergent project and implementation issues. Our clients benefit from increased community awareness, understanding and support of their projects and achieve timely project approvals.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools that facilitates the understanding, sharing and use of accurate, meaningful information to help our clients make informed decisions. Our professionals focus their knowledge and expertise on developing and executing customized community engagement and communication strategies and processes that will best meet the needs of the project. We identify and analyze project issues and data through inclusive community and stakeholder engagement, and we create compelling text, imagery and materials that reliably and dynamically communicate project information, milestones and results to clients, stakeholders and the community.

Community engagement and communication services are available across all of ISL’s service lines, including all phases of engineering, land use planning and landscape architecture projects. The services we offer are flexible and can work within a client’s defined budget and strategic framework.

Community Engagement