ISL’s Construction Services group provides construction management and supervision for projects, and manages our on-site safety program. Our dedicated resident engineering and construction monitoring staff work closely with the contractor, client and design team to deliver the designer and client’s vision in built form to the highest quality.

We bring experience in providing construction services for all project types, working with traditional design–tender processes to P3 models, fast track projects and integrated project delivery. We build open lines of communication and mitigate risks through early liaison, including a pre-construction meeting with all parties. Addressing stakeholder concerns, we review and coordinate with the client the contractor’s schedules and staging plans so that disruption to traffic is minimized, and hours of work/noise bylaws and site access issues are properly considered. We work to reduce risks to quality through construction monitoring and material testing review, and we oversee environmental monitoring for appropriate environmental protection measures. Our services reflect our Construction Services Guidelines, Safety Manual, Quality Management Plan and strong sustainability commitment.


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