Exshaw Municipal Water System

Exshaw, AB

Before the project, there was no municipal water system to treat, distribute and provide acceptable potable water to the community of Exshaw (current population 362, ultimate 1600). ISL designed and facilitated a complete municipal water system, including raw water supply and treatment, treated water storage and disinfection.

Private Wells

Before this project, households and industries in Exshaw had to draw their water from private water wells in shallow aquifers, prone to surface contamination, and use it untreated.

Road Reconstruction

To retrofit the community-wide distribution system, the roads needed to be fully removed and completely reconstructed afterwards, which was facilitated by ISL's integrated disciplines.


The water system met the client’s sustainability goals by providing a low maintenance, low energy and low lifecycle cost treatment system that effectively treats the complex raw water.

Project Completion

ISL managed this project from conceptual design to contract closeout, even assisting the Municipal District of Bighorn in obtaining funding. With the distribution system, potable water is now readily available for residents and firefighting.

Award Winner

The project won a 2013 Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) Award of Excellence for Water Resources and Energy Production as well as a 2013 Canadian Consulting Engineering (CCE) Award of Excellence in the Water Resources category.

"The team demonstrated outstanding innovative and collaborative engineering skills in successfully overcoming the multiple technical, economic, environmental and social challenges for the creation of a safe, secure and sustainable municipal potable water supply."
—CEA Showcase Award judge’s comment
(Alberta Innovators magazine, spring 2013)

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