Airdrie Northeast Servicing Study

Airdrie, AB

ISL was retained by the City of Airdrie to conduct a servicing study in the northeast quadrant to accommodate future development.

Land Uses

This study encompassed the City's water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in 12 quarter sections of land that are currently undeveloped and are slated for a combination of residential, commercial and industrial land uses. System capacities were evaluated, as well as the suitability of each quarter section of land for the anticipated land uses.

Models and Software

Hydraulic models were developed for both the water and wastewater networks using the City's existing GIS data and additional as-built specifications. The models for the water network were built using WaterCAD, and the wastewater network was modelled using MIKE URBAN. Both models utilized flow monitoring and hydrant testing results in their calibration.


Inadequate capacity in existing pipes adjacent to the study area was identified, and custom alignments and profiles were created using Civil 3D to accurately depict existing sewer conditions, including inadequacies. A custom GIS import protocol was developed in order to use the existing GIS data.

Final Report

A comprehensive report showing all findings was prepared for the City. Future development scenarios involving multiple potential infrastructure alignments were established, showing projected service demands for both residential and non-residential developments. Upgrade recommendations for the existing system as well as cost estimates for future development scenarios were also included.

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