Green Necklace Greenway

North Vancouver, BC

The Green Necklace Greenway is a 7 km long urban greenway that surrounds the City of North Vancouver’s Central Lonsdale Town Centre. When completed in 2018, it will link components of the City’s recreational and open space assets by means of a safe, alternative transportation system.

Grand Boulevard and East Keith Road

Completed detailed design, tender administration and construction review services for a 2.2 km section of the Green Necklace Greenway. This section includes a new multi-use pathway, on-street bike lanes, full road widening, regrading and five intersection reconfigurations along East Keith Road Corridor and separated off-street bike and pedestrian paths along the Grand Boulevard Corridor linear park. New street lights, site furnishings, street trees and planting beds have also been introduced.

21 and 23 Streets

Delivering stakeholder and community engagement, design, tendering and construction review services for a 2.3 km section of the Green Necklace, along 21 and 23 Streets. The route passes through residential, parkland, commercial and institutional areas. It is expected that Phase 1 of the project will be completed in 2017 and Phase 2 is scheduled for completion in 2018. Proposed site works include a new multi-use pathway, roadway reconfiguration and enhanced crosswalks, as well as new street lights, site furnishings, street trees and planting beds.

Active Transportation

To address vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian safety issues, ISL is introducing a fully integrated multi-modal streetscape design.

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Hazelgrove Park

Surrey, BC

Hazelgrove Park is East Clayton's largest park, providing much needed public outdoor space for sports, community gatherings and passive recreation.

Park Features

The 4.2 hectare park includes a soccer field, running track, multi-use sports court, tennis courts, playground, spray park and a washroom building. Uniquely, there is also a parkour course. A multi-use lawn allows for large community gatherings and walking trails meander throughout the site.

Site History

The name Hazelgrove Park references the site's agricultural background as a hazelnut tree orchard.

Stormwater Management

The park demonstrates environmental sustainability with its low-flow washroom facilities, a water efficient spray park, a water efficient irrigation system and drought tolerant planting. A bioswale was also introduced to capture wastewater from the spray park and stormwater runoff from the surrounding hard surfaces. Here it is detained, dechlorinated and bioremediated as it flows through reed beds before percolating down to recharge the groundwater table.

Water Reservoir

The park is located next to a visually imposing water reservoir structure. Instead of ignoring its presence, vegetation screens were used to disguise the reservoir while an exposed section of wall serves as a projection screen for community movie events.

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Blakeburn Lagoons Park

Port Coquitlam, BC

The Blakeburn Lagoons Park project converted a derelict and contaminated former sanitary detention facility into an ecologically restored public park.

Constructed Wetland

The two existing lagoons were converted into a constructed wetland. Constructed wetlands are engineered systems that use natural functions of vegetation, soil and organisms to improve waste and stormwater quality.

Project Goals

The primary project goals were to improve site hydrology, enhance site ecology and introduce public park amenities.

Project Scope

Municipal stormwater was directed to the wetland to maintain year-round water levels and mitigate existing flooding in the neighbourhood; diverse wildlife habitats were introduced; invasive vegetation was removed and replaced with native plants; and public amenities including walking trails, boardwalks, viewing platforms, wildlife hides, site furnishings and interpretive signage were added.


This project included management of site contaminants, conservation and enhancement of the ecosystem and introduction of community open space and public amenities.

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South Surrey Athletic Park

Surrey, BC

The City of Surrey retained ISL to create a new pedestrian-friendly hub in one of the City's most significant and popular active recreation parks.

Existing Concerns

The South Surrey Athletic Park experiences heavy vehicle traffic and crowded parking lots during peak times, compounded by a confusing road network, inefficient parking lot layout and undersized pedestrian amenity area. The playground is also separated from the water park by the busy entry road, leading to safety concerns.

Consultation Process

The consultation process involved stakeholder groups, the general public and City staff. The many competing stakeholder visions were met by creating various multi-use spaces that allow for a range of uses.

Achieving Balance

The site has high vehicle and pedestrian activity and needs to be able to accommodate both effectively. ISL proposed a total reconfiguration of the entrance drive to maximize the size of the pedestrian-friendly areas while also creating parking lot spatial effiencies by reorienting the parking scheme.

Park Amenities

The plan proposes a major pedestrian-friendly park amenity area that features a multi-use lawn space, an enlarged playground, a new adjacent water park, seating and picnic areas and surrounding planting beds. There will also be a new outdoor, all-season soccer tournament event space as well as new sidewalks and crosswalks throughout.

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Pinetree Way Enhancements

Coquitlam, BC

The City of Coquitlam constructed three new Skytrain stations (opened in late 2016), which spurred on the revitalization of 1.2 km along the City's main street - Pinetree Way.

Creating a Hub

The new transit stations have brought new mixed-use developments, and the revitalized streetscape has transformed the neighbourhood into a vibrant commercial, residential and cultural hub by providing a pedestrian-friendly destination. Five new plazas provide pedestrians with a "refuge" from the hustle and bustle of the urban neighbourhood.

Light Columns

Public art is a big part of placemaking and Pinetree Way features unique light columns that are designed to shimmer like the Northern Lights. These create iconic arrival statements and can be preprogrammed.

The Stream

Another unique feature of this streetscape is an in-sidewalk "stream" made from crushed glass with an epoxy coating. This element creates a reflective surface that reflects light at night, creating water ripple patterns on the bottom of the Skytrain platform.

Pedestrians First

To improve pedestrian safety in the area, traffic calming measures were implemented, such as curb bulges, on-street parking, signal coordination and rumble strips. There is also a 4 metre wide multi-use path to accommodate future high volumes of pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

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