South Surrey Athletic Park

Surrey, BC

The City of Surrey retained ISL to create a new pedestrian-friendly hub in one of the City's most significant and popular active recreation parks.

Existing Concerns

The South Surrey Athletic Park experiences heavy vehicle traffic and crowded parking lots during peak times, compounded by a confusing road network, inefficient parking lot layout and undersized pedestrian amenity area. The playground is also separated from the water park by the busy entry road, leading to safety concerns.

Consultation Process

The consultation process involved stakeholder groups, the general public and City staff. The many competing stakeholder visions were met by creating various multi-use spaces that allow for a range of uses.

Achieving Balance

The site has high vehicle and pedestrian activity and needs to be able to accommodate both effectively. ISL proposed a total reconfiguration of the entrance drive to maximize the size of the pedestrian-friendly areas while also creating parking lot spatial effiencies by reorienting the parking scheme.

Park Amenities

The plan proposes a major pedestrian-friendly park amenity area that features a multi-use lawn space, an enlarged playground, a new adjacent water park, seating and picnic areas and surrounding planting beds. There will also be a new outdoor, all-season soccer tournament event space as well as new sidewalks and crosswalks throughout.

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