• Public Consultation
  • 3D Visualization
  • Environmental Management
  • Public Consultation
  • 3D Visualization
  • Environmental Management
strategic. creative. clear.

At ISL, we take a strategic approach to consultation and communications. Benefits to clients include increasing the ability to manage complex initiatives efficiently, to address implementation issues proactively and to maximize effectiveness of project impacts and outcomes.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate the understanding, sharing and use of good information to help clients make informed decisions. Our professionals focus their knowledge and expertise on developing and implementing client-tailored community engagement strategies and processes. We design creative communications tools and techniques. We identify and analyze project needs, issues and data through inclusive community and stakeholder engagement. And we create compelling text, imagery and materials that reliably and dynamically communicate project milestones and results to clients, stakeholders and the public.

Professional support services are available across all of ISL's service lines, including all phases of engineering, planning and landscape architecture projects.

Community Engagement Services

  • Design, facilitate, analyze and document public and stakeholder engagement processes
  • Steering committee and advisory group processes
  • Moderated sessions, interviews, facilitated workshops and open houses
  • Print and electronic surveys
  • Conduct, analyze and synthesize research to guide formulation of recommendations
  • Structured evaluations of programs and initiatives
  • Needs assessments and gap analyses.
  • Design and manage custom communications programs and tools
  • Provide professional writing and creative design for print, web, email and multimedia tools
  • Collect, analyze, synthesize and document public and stakeholder input
  • Prepare customized project reporting and updates
  • Develop and implement media strategies including project launches, media briefings, kits and releases and advertising.
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3D Visualization Services

  • Design and develop public consultation and communications products including display panels, posters, banners, advertising and signage
  • Provide creative design and custom illustration for visual identity tools including logos and related branding elements
  • Develop 3D modelling of concept plans and detail designs using real-world data for project decision making, design evaluation and public consultation
  • Prepare multimedia and 3D interactive solutions for training, presentations and web-based applications; 3D/image compositing with real world data; virtual tours; NavIS realtime 3D; and interactive Flash 2D/3D graphics.
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  • GIS/Mapping
  • Survey
  • Asset Management
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Environmental Services

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Environmental regulatory liaison and permitting
  • Fish inventory and stream classification
  • Fish–passage culvert assessments
  • Wetland assessments and compensation
  • Erosion and sediment control (ESC) plans
  • Dryland sort impact assessment and permitting
  • Wildlife salvages and nesting bird surveys
  • Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) assessments
  • Pre-purchase environmental due-diligence assessments
  • Post-construction monitoring
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Construction Services

  • Traffic accommodation strategy
  • ECO Plan review
  • Crossing and proximity agreement adjustments
  • Project hazard assessment
  • Field level hazard assessment
  • Safety plan reviews and monitoring
  • Construction monitoring and reporting
  • Construction completion inspections
  • Monitoring during warranty period
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