Mill Creek Ecological Restoration Study

Edmonton, AB

Spencer Environmental Management Services Ltd. and ISL were retained by the City of Edmonton to evaluate the potential to restore a portion of Mill Creek Ravine between Roper Pond and 70 Avenue.

Restoration Goals

The goals were to restore Mill Creek to resemble its predevelopment conditions, extend the Mill Creek environmental corridor, restore biodiversity and increase the ecological health of the watershed. This included restoring aquatic connectivity between the upper and lower reaches of the creek.

Mill Creek Online Oil Removal Facility

A key consideration was how to maintain the function of the Mill Creek Online Oil Removal Facility (skimmer). All selected options propose to use the upstream Mill Creek flows only on the basis of construction costs, land acquisition impacts and the desire to maintain the function of the skimmer and some degree of aquatic connectivity.

Water Quality Implications

The study also addressed water quality implications, including an evaluation of optimal bed slopes for the restored creek to minimize erosion risk and the development of aquatic habitat along the banks of the creek as a means for nutrient uptake.

Creating Synergy

The restoration options take advantage of the land acquired as part of the City’s Valley Line LRT project, resulting in lower restoration costs and synergy with the LRT project.

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