Stony Industrial West Integrated Stormwater Management and Wetland Preservation Concept

Edmonton, AB

ISL partnered with Fiera Biological Consulting to develop the stormwater management component of a Neighbourhood Design Report (NDR) for a proposed 112 ha industrial subdivision and natural wetland in the Stony Industrial area in west Edmonton.

Site Optimization Approach

The team designed a unique integrated flood management system that used the available storage capacity in the natural wetland to reduce the land required for the adjacent stormwater management facilities (SWMF), making more land available for development.

Real Time Control System

Since the development will discharge into the City’s Quesnell Storm Trunk System, which is at capacity during storms, a Real Time Control System is required. This ensures discharge is zero during large events, resulting in additional storage capacity for the proposed development.

Integrated Stormwater Management Design

An integrated stormwater management design provided separate stormwater management functions within the SWMF cells for small events but flooded out the SWMF cells and adjacent natural wetland for large, infrequent flood events (i.e. larger than a 1:2 year flood).

Understanding Wetland Water Fluctuation

To understand how the water levels in the natural wetland normally fluctuate, we used a computer simulation model calibration exercise to replicate water levels observed in historic air photos and concluded that high groundwater infiltration was occurring.

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