Lougheed Highway/King Edward Upgrades

Coquitlam, BC

Lougheed Highway and King Edward Street are busy roadways supporting high-density residential and commercial development and access to nearby parks in Coquitlam, British Columbia.


Largely funded by the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, the project included 45,000 m2 of road, drainage and landscaping improvements. The project was designed looking through a sustainability lens.


Historical congestion and occasional flooding hamper both commuter and commercial traffic flow. Existing drainage was very poor and required improvements in the roadway profile and cross falls to mitigate flooding.

Fish Habitats

Both sides of Lougheed Highway and the west side of King Edward have fish-bearing ditch networks that are sensitive to impacts. Vegetated bioswales replaced asphalt medians, thereby allowing infiltration, reducing flooding impacts on fish habitat and improving water quality.


Engineered topsoil blends remove hydrocarbons and TSS from road runoff, which is then directed to the bioswales. Aesthetics were enhanced with landscaping of rain gardens, boulevards, streams and ditches throughout the corridor.

Project Completion

Completed in 2011, the final product is an attractive transportation corridor with more capacity for vehicles and better provision for safe pedestrian and bicycle movement while also boasting a minimal flooding risk and improving stormwater quality and fish habitat.

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