Ivor Dent Sports Park Stormwater and Sanitary Servicing

Edmonton, AB

ISL was retained by the City of Edmonton to develop sanitary and stormwater servicing concepts for Ivor Dent Sports Park, a 56 ha multi-use regional sports facility in southeast Edmonton.

Expanding the Scope

The site did not have an onsite sanitary servicing concept and the stormwater management servicing and stormwater reuse concepts were not fully established. The project scope was subsequently expanded to include a stormwater management strategy, an ecological review of the existing wetland and detailed designs of upgrades to the east drainage feature and a new Pond 1 outlet structure.

Sanitary Servicing

The sanitary servicing concept included an onsite gravity sewer system that discharged into a regional sanitary trunk sewer.

Stormwater Servicing

The stormwater servicing concept involved the collection of all onsite stormwater runoff within four stormwater management facilities (SWMF). The collected runoff is then used to irrigate local sports fields.

A Water Balance Approach

A water balance approach was taken to develop a strategy for preserving the natural wetland, to develop and size live storage and irrigation storage zones within each SWMF and to develop a water management strategy to maximize the use of stormwater for irrigation while ensuring flood protection capacity is available when needed.

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