Eastgate Yard LID Demonstration Project

Edmonton, AB

The City of Edmonton Drainage Services engaged ISL Engineering for the design of a parking lot and demonstration low impact development (LID) raingarden.

Primary Objectives

The objectives of the project were to provide flood prevention in the parking lot, water quality treatment for storm runoff, research and monitoring of an LID system in a light industrial site setting and an amenity for building occupants.

Three Distinct Cells

The raingarden facility was designed with three distinct cells to allow for the evaluation of different soil mediums and their effectiveness in LID applications.

Water Quality Treatment

The raingarden inlet was configured to allow for the even distribution of runoff between cells and proper sediment capture to prevent premature clogging of soils.

Research/Demonstration Site

The facility was designed to act as a research/demonstration site for City Drainage including provision for water quantity and quality monitoring. The raingarden inlet and catch basin outlet include equipment to monitor inflows and out flows from the raingarden.

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