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Behind the Project: 23 Avenue Interchange

The intersection of 23 Avenue and Gateway Boulevard in Edmonton was regularly rated the most accident-prone intersection in the whole city. Not to mention the CPR tracks that run parallel to Gateway Boulevard, which created even more traffic snarls every time a train entered the city. As soon as the commercial growth of South Edmonton Common started booming—bringing even more congestion to the area—something needed to be done.

This massive project consisted of designing and constructing a split diamond interchange to span over the CPR tracks as well as to allow free-flow traffic on Gateway Boulevard / Highway 2 underneath 23 Avenue. To improve access to South Edmonton Common, another overpass was also needed at 19 Avenue, making for a total of five bridges and extensive retaining walls to raise up the roadway.

The 23 Avenue/Gateway Boulevard Interchange officially opened on October 18, 2011. ISL Engineering and Land Services is proud to present our first Behind the Project feature video, showcasing all the different elements that went into designing this marquee interchange.